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[pdf] 0.2020_Engineering_FormulaSheet.pdf 1.0 MB 2021-Sep-27
[docx] 0.DecisionMatrixTemplate_Word.docx 50.4 KB 2020-Aug-17
[pdf] 0.eng_project_template.pdf 1.7 MB 2021-Apr-27
[docx] 0.Exam Reflections Template.docx 104.7 KB 2023-Oct-10
[xlsx] 0.Gantt_Chart_Excel_Template (4).xlsx 16.0 KB 2021-Sep-13
[pptx] 0.How To 3D Print.pptx 10.7 MB 2021-Nov-15
[pdf] 0.IsometricGridPaper.pdf 603.9 KB 2020-Oct-12
[pdf] 0.OrthographicGridPaper.pdf 296.6 KB 2020-Oct-12
[pdf] 0.PLTW course syllabus.pdf 244.7 KB 2021-Aug-05
[docx] 0.Safety Ticket Template.docx 11.7 KB 2022-Sep-20
[docx] 0.ScrumProgressLog.docx 14.0 KB 2022-Feb-01
[docx] 0.Table of Contents Template.docx 14.0 KB 2020-Aug-11
[pdf] 0.Tips for a powerful Powerpoint.pdf 2.9 MB 2021-May-17
[docx] 0_DesignBriefTemplate.docx 114.0 KB 2020-Aug-18
[pptx] 0_DistanceLearningPresentation.pptx 4.0 MB 2020-Aug-10
[pdf] 0_Fusion360StudentVerificationLetter.pdf 561.5 KB 2020-Sep-23
[pptx] 1.1.1.Box Plots.pptx 655.4 KB 2022-Aug-18
[pptx] 1.1.1.BrainstormingSolutions.pptx 2.9 MB 2022-Aug-18
[pptx] 1.1.1.DecisionMatrix.pptx 454.3 KB 2022-Aug-18
[pptx] 1.1.1.DesignProcess.pptx 2.8 MB 2022-Aug-18
[pptx] 1.1.1.WritingDesignBrief.pptx 568.2 KB 2022-Aug-18
[pptx] 1.1.2.IntroSummaryStatistics.pptx 914.2 KB 2022-Aug-22
[pptx] 1.1.2_IsometricSketching.pptx 17.6 MB 2021-Oct-01
[pptx] 1.1.3.EngineeringNotebookExtendedVersion.pptx 3.1 MB 2022-Aug-26
[pptx] 1.1.3.SketchingTipsGuide.pptx 2.1 MB 2021-Aug-31
[pptx] 1.1.4.PrecisionAccuracyMeasurement.pptx 589.7 KB 2022-Aug-26
[pptx] 1.1.4.UnitConversion.pptx 1.3 MB 2022-Aug-26
[pptx] 1.1.5.Caine'sArcade.pptx 4.1 MB 2023-Sep-19
[pdf] 1.2.3.MultiviewStructureCards.pdf 269.0 KB 2021-Oct-14
[pptx] 1.3.3.GeometricConstaints.pptx 928.0 KB 2022-Jan-05
[f3z] 1.3_2.1_PizFiles v2.f3z 234.3 KB 2023-Feb-13
[pdf] 1_Unit_1.1_StudyGuide.pdf 468.2 KB 2022-Sep-28
[pdf] 1_Unit_1.2_StudyGuide.pdf 742.4 KB 2022-Oct-31
[pptx] 2.1.2.HoldItTogether.pptx 5.0 MB 2022-Jan-20
[zip] 2.1.3.Fidget 3.5 MB 2024-Jan-29
[pdf] 2.1.3.Fidget Cube Drawing.pdf 3.8 MB 2024-Jan-29
[pptx] 2.1.3.PuttingItTogether.pptx 10.7 MB 2022-Jan-26
[png] 2.1.5.soundsofolympus2.png 189.0 KB 2022-Feb-04
[svg] 2.1.5.soundsofolympus2.svg 12.7 KB 2022-Feb-04
[pptx] 2.1.5.Sounds of Olympus Redesign Product Charter.pptx 9.2 MB 2023-Jan-27
[pptx] 2.1.5_ProjectManagement.pptx 1.6 MB 2023-Sep-19
[pptx] 2.2.1.ReverseEngineering.pptx 2.8 MB 2022-Feb-11
[pptx] 2.2.2.VisualAnalysis.pptx 25.3 MB 2022-Feb-11
[pptx] 2.2.3.FunctionalAnalysis.pptx 2.7 MB 2022-Feb-11
[pptx] 2.2.4.ProductDisassembly.pptx 12.0 MB 2022-Feb-14
[pptx] 2.2.4.StructuralAnalysis.pptx 12.0 MB 2022-Mar-04
[pptx] 2.3.1.MassWeightDensity.pptx 1.1 MB 2022-Mar-08
[pptx] 2.3.1.MaterialProperties.pptx 4.7 MB 2023-Mar-24
[pptx] 3.1.2_Product_Lifecycle_Assessment.pptx 3.4 MB 2022-Apr-04
[pptx] 3.1.4_CriteriaConstraints.pptx 3.3 MB 2022-Apr-06
[pptx] 3.6.A StandardDeviation.pptx 830.8 KB 2022-Jan-07
[pptx] 4.1.2_ParametricModeling.pptx 834.6 KB 2022-Apr-20
[pptx] 4.1.5_MathematicalModeling.pptx 1.4 MB 2022-Apr-26
[pptx] 4.1.g.A AdditiveSubtractiveModeling.pptx 4.9 MB 2021-Oct-07
[pptx] 4.1_SimpleMachines.pptx 7.2 MB 2022-Apr-19
[pptx] 4.2.1_ForceSpringsEternal.pptx 4.3 MB 2023-Mar-21
[pptx] 7.2.A HolesHoleNotes.pptx 591.2 KB 2021-Dec-02
[pptx] 7.4.A Documentation.pptx 1.6 MB 2022-Jan-27
[f3z] ContainerFiles_Download v2.f3z 462.4 KB 2022-Apr-08
[] error_log 231.9 KB 2018-Mar-30
[zip] Fidget 4.4 MB 2024-Jan-29
[pdf] ied_131_TrammelToy_Pin_Slider_Drawing.pdf 189.6 KB 2021-Nov-29
[pdf] ied_131_TrammelToy_Screw_Slider_Drawing.pdf 282.4 KB 2021-Nov-29
[docx] ied_132_Base_Plate_Dwg.docx 75.0 KB 2021-Nov-29
[pptx] U1_EngineeringNotebook.pptx 4.0 MB 2021-Aug-27
[pptx] U1_WritingDesignBrief.pptx 309.5 KB 2022-Aug-09
[pptx] U2.3.A MultiviewSketching.pptx 2.7 MB 2021-Oct-07
[pptx] U2_1_A _LineConventions.pptx 1.3 MB 2021-Oct-07
[pptx] U3.1.US&SI_Rulers.pptx 1.1 MB 2021-Nov-08
[pptx] U3.3.A DialCalipers.pptx 912.5 KB 2021-Nov-08
[pptx] U3.4.A IntroDimensioning.pptx 4.6 MB 2021-Oct-22
[pptx] U3.8.A PrecisionAccuracyMeasurement.pptx 480.7 KB 2021-Aug-30
[pptx] U3_IntroSummaryStatistics.pptx 1.4 MB 2021-Aug-20
[pptx] U3_UnitConversion.pptx 1.1 MB 2021-Aug-30
[pptx] U4_CreatingDrawingsCAD.pptx 757.8 KB 2022-Oct-17
[pptx] U7.1.A DimensioningStandards.pptx 2.2 MB 2021-Oct-22
[pptx] U7.2.A AlternateViews.pptx 339.8 KB 2022-Jan-05
[pptx] U7.3.A Tolerances.pptx 469.1 KB 2022-Jan-07
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