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[dir] ProjectResources 1.3 MB 2016-Nov-09
[docx] 0.AgileProgressLog.docx 14.5 KB 2018-Oct-01
[docx] 0.Agile project management with Scrum.docx 589.3 KB 2020-Oct-02
[docx] 0.EDD components.docx 35.3 KB 2022-Nov-02
[docx] 0.EDD Team Project Status Report Template.docx 13.7 KB 2023-Jan-27
[xlsx] 0.Gantt_Chart_Excel_Template (4).xlsx 16.0 KB 2021-Sep-13
[pptx] 0.How To 3D Print.pptx 10.7 MB 2023-Feb-23
[pdf] 0.PLTW course syllabus.pdf 244.7 KB 2021-Aug-05
[docx] 0.Safety Ticket Template.docx 11.7 KB 2017-Aug-31
[docx] 0.Table of Contents Template.docx 14.0 KB 2018-May-31
[pdf] 0_EDD Breakout Groups.pdf 17.9 KB 2020-Aug-11
[pdf] 0_Fusion360StudentVerificationLetter.pdf 561.5 KB 2020-Sep-23
[docx] 1.EDD Grading Sheet Up to 4_4.docx 13.9 KB 2017-Nov-01
[docx] 2.EDD Grading Sheet Up to G2.0.docx 14.0 KB 2017-Nov-01
[docx] 3.EDD Grading Sheet After Halloween Project.docx 14.0 KB 2018-Dec-13
[docx] a0.0 Overview-ClassProjectManagement.docx 279.4 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] A1.0 Choosing a Topic.pptx 2.7 MB 2015-Aug-28
[pptx] a1.0 EDD OpenEndedDesign.pptx 9.9 MB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] A1.0a Brainstorming Help.docx 64.2 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] A1.1 Choosing a Topic Activity.docx 65.2 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] a1.1 EDD Design Process Flow Chart.docx 217.6 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] A1.1 Forming Teams Activity.docx 180.4 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] A1.2 Choosing a Topic Project.docx 63.7 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] a1.2 Ten Mighty Questions.docx 67.9 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] a1.3 EDD GANTT.docx 146.3 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] A1.3 Research Websites.docx 67.6 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] a1.4 Rule of Thirds.docx 80.0 KB 2015-Aug-17
[xlsx] a1.5 EDPPSR 2011.xlsx 41.7 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] A2.0 Writing Problem Statement.pptx 702.7 KB 2015-Aug-28
[pptx] a2.0a Design Process.pptx 2.3 MB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] A2.0a Problem Statement Statement Purpose_Leagacy.pptx 612.0 KB 2015-Aug-28
[pptx] a2.0b Design by Craft Visualization MathScience.pptx 1.2 MB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] A2.1 Problem Statement Evaluation.docx 64.9 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] a2.1 Product Development Process.docx 174.4 KB 2015-Aug-17
[xlsx] A2.2 Problem Statement Matrix.xlsx 45.6 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] a2.2 Product Assessment Activity.docx 65.6 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] A2.3 Problem Statement Rubric.docx 65.5 KB 2015-Aug-28
[pdf] a2.3 Product Lifecycle Assessment.pdf 3.6 MB 2019-Aug-14
[pptx] a2.3 Product Lifecycle Assessment.pptx 4.7 MB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] a2.4 Product Lifecycle Flow Chart.docx 516.4 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] A2.4 What Is The Problem Activity.docx 64.2 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] a2.5 Lifecycle Flow Template.docx 96.0 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] a2.6 Product Assessment Rubric.docx 62.2 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] A3.0 Justification Academic Ethical.pptx 1.2 MB 2015-Aug-28
[pptx] a3.0 Project Management.pptx 1.6 MB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] A3.1 Research Summary Sheet.docx 66.3 KB 2015-Aug-28
[pptx] A4.0 Justification Market Research.pptx 1.6 MB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] A4.1 Knowledge of Marketplace Project.docx 61.7 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] A4.2 Knowledge of Marketplace Rubric.docx 51.9 KB 2015-Aug-28
[pptx] A4.3 Conducting Market Research.pptx 396.7 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] A4.4 Conducting Market Research Project.docx 64.0 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] A4.5 Conducting Market Research Rubric.docx 67.0 KB 2015-Aug-28
[pptx] A4.6 Business Plan.pptx 971.4 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] A4.7 Begin Business Plan Activity.docx 63.6 KB 2015-Aug-28
[docx] b0.0 Overview-Documentation.docx 278.3 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] b1.0 Documenting Process.pptx 1.2 MB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] B1.0 Prior Solution Attempts.pptx 894.5 KB 2015-Sep-16
[docx] b1.1 Effective Research.docx 61.1 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] b1.2 APA Citations.docx 66.2 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] b1.3 Using Charts Graphs to Display Data.docx 629.4 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] b2.0 Engineering Notebook.pptx 4.3 MB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] b2.1 Engineering Notebook Guide.docx 62.6 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] b2.2 Amplifying Guidelines Engineering Notebook.docx 64.2 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] b2.3 Sample Engineers Notebook Entries.docx 2.3 MB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] b2.4 Engineering Notebook Rubric.docx 67.5 KB 2015-Aug-17
[xlsx] B3.0 Similar Solution Matrix.xlsx 12.4 KB 2015-Sep-16
[pptx] b3.1 Innovation Portal Introduction Powerpoint.pptx 4.9 MB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] b3.2 Course Binder Checklist.docx 54.6 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] C1.0 Design Specifications.pptx 1.9 MB 2015-Sep-16
[docx] C1.1 Design Specifications Activity.docx 67.2 KB 2015-Sep-16
[docx] C1.2 Design Specifications Rubric.docx 65.3 KB 2015-Sep-16
[docx] C2.1 Concept Test Survey Example.docx 61.8 KB 2015-Sep-16
[docx] C3.2 Written Project Proposal Project.docx 92.2 KB 2019-Sep-16
[docx] C3.3 Written Project Proposal Rubric.docx 67.2 KB 2015-Sep-16
[docx] d0.0 Overview - Evaluations Rubrics.docx 272.7 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] D1.0 Brainstorming Solutions.pptx 2.4 MB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] d1.0 Four Major Project Reviews.docx 67.5 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] d1.1 Project Proposal - Research.docx 90.7 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] d1.2 Preliminary Design Review - Design.docx 86.9 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] d1.3 Critical Design Review - Prototype Test.docx 88.2 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] d1.4 JuriedResponseRubric.docx 72.9 KB 2015-Aug-17
[xls] d1.5 EDPPSR 2011.xls 110.0 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] d1.7 Project Portfolio Rubric.docx 71.5 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] D2.0 Concept Development.pptx 3.0 MB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] D2.1 Concept Development Activity.docx 61.7 KB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] D2.2 Concept Development Rubric.docx 65.6 KB 2015-Sep-29
[pdf] D2.3 Isometric Graph Paper.pdf 351.2 KB 2015-Sep-29
[pdf] D2.4 Orthographic Graph Paper.pdf 155.2 KB 2015-Sep-29
[pptx] D3.0 Selecting Solution Path.pptx 995.9 KB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] D3.1 Selecting the Best Solution Activity.docx 63.7 KB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] D3.2 Selecting the Best Solution Rubric.docx 65.5 KB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] D3.3 Design Criteria.docx 63.3 KB 2015-Sep-29
[xlsx] D3.4 Decision Matrix Template.xlsx 44.7 KB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] D3.5 Product Concept Template.docx 65.9 KB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] D3.6 Concept Analysis Activity.docx 60.8 KB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] D3.7 Concept Analysis Rubric.docx 66.0 KB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] D4.0 VirtualSolutions.docx 60.8 KB 2015-Sep-29
[pptx] d4.1 PowerPoint Template.pptx 105.1 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] D4.1 VirtualSolutionsRubric.docx 65.3 KB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] D5.0 MockUp Project.docx 59.6 KB 2015-Sep-29
[docx] Design Process Rubric_EDD.docx 105.6 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] e0.0 Overview - Intellectual Property.docx 275.8 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] e1.0 Intellectual Property.pptx 780.7 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] e1.1 Patent Searches - Activity.docx 60.9 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] e1.2 Patent Searches - Activity Template.docx 78.5 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] e1.3 Patent Summary Sheet.docx 58.8 KB 2015-Aug-17
[] error_log 1.0 KB 2018-Mar-29
[docx] g0.0 Overview-TeamsTimelinesExperts.docx 276.8 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] G1.0 Prototypes.pptx 2.3 MB 2015-Oct-16
[pptx] g1.0 Teamwork.pptx 1.1 MB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] G1.1 ResourcePlanning.docx 65.8 KB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] g1.1 Team Roles Descriptions.docx 64.8 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] G1.2 ChoosingMaterialsAndProcedures.docx 60.7 KB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] g1.2 Team Responsibilities.docx 59.6 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] G1.3 ChoosingMaterialsChecklist.docx 59.2 KB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] g1.3 Team Evaluation Rubric.docx 66.8 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] G1.4 PreparingBuildProcedureProject.docx 61.9 KB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] G1.5 DocumentingBuildProject.docx 60.8 KB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] G1.6 EvaluatingPrototypeRubric.docx 66.5 KB 2015-Oct-16
[pptx] G2.0 SubsystemsIncrementalTesting.pptx 2.1 MB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] G2.1 IncrementalTestingOpportunities.docx 60.9 KB 2015-Oct-16
[pptx] g3.0 Contacting Experts.pptx 210.4 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] g3.1 Working with Experts Mentors.docx 61.6 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] g3.2 Professional Correspondence.docx 60.6 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] g3.3 Correspondence Log.docx 70.3 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] g3.4 Example Materials Request Letter.docx 17.6 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] H1.0 TestingProcedures.pptx 2.9 MB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] H1.1 TestingCriteria.docx 62.7 KB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] H1.2 TestingProcedure.docx 63.6 KB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] H1.2.Testing Template.docx 13.8 KB 2017-Nov-06
[docx] H1.2.Testing Template Example.docx 14.4 KB 2017-Nov-06
[docx] H1.3 TestingProcedureRubric.docx 67.0 KB 2015-Oct-16
[pptx] I1.0 WhenTestsFail.pptx 1.0 MB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] I1.1 TestEvaluatePrototype Project.docx 62.7 KB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] I1.2 PrototypeTestingRubric.docx 69.3 KB 2015-Oct-16
[docx] I2.0a CriticalDesignReview.docx 60.8 KB 2015-Oct-16
[pptx] M 10 Presentation Mistakes.pptx 746.7 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] M 11 PresentationChecklist.docx 60.4 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] Porfolio Checklist.docx 73.1 KB 2015-Aug-17
[pptx] S1 Design Ethics Optional.pptx 691.5 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] S1 Mini Design Activity Overview.docx 130.0 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] S1 Standard Presentation Rubric.docx 67.0 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] S2 Mini Design Activity GANTT.docx 78.4 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] S3 Mini Design Activity Teamwork.docx 64.5 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] S4 Mini Design Project WaterPur.docx 162.5 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] S5 Mini Design Project Rubric.docx 69.1 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] S6 RecordingTurbidity LoggerPro.docx 242.4 KB 2015-Aug-17
[docx] S7 Logger Pro Resource Sheet.docx 93.5 KB 2015-Aug-17
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