DB Engineering Polos

Here's the link to the Customink group purchasing page. You'll pay at their site and once all the orders are in they will ship it to me for distribution. The cost ended up being $23 and may go down if we get more orders.

Be A Maker! - APB Restoration Part 2

So after replacing all of the capacitors and the horizontal width coil on the monitor chassis AND not killing myself from the high voltage, I'm getting closer as seen in the before and after photo above as the picture is almost filling in the entire screen.

One possible issue could be this width coil as it doesn't look fully right.

However, finding a part like this is next to impossible since these parts are 30+ years old.

Anime Club Photobooth Halloween 2016

Our DBHS Anime Club hosted a Halloween party in which students from all over used my DIY photobooth. Check out the details of this project here. Photos can be accessed in the link below:

Click here to access the photos

Be A Maker! - APB Restoration

As you all know, I'm a child of the 80's so I've always had classic arcade games in the brain. So for my first restoration, I'm going to be looking to fix up this classic Atari All Points Bulletin. I'm excited to expand my knowledge of electronics especially in the realm of CRT monitor repair.

Though it plays fine, there's a few technical issues that I need to address. The first is that when the player presses the siren, the marquee should be flashing like the police car roof lights. A previous owner for some reason took out the light fixtures and replaced it with a bar type fluorescent light. And the second is that the monitor doesn't fill the entire screen and the horizontal width coil is busted. I'm looking forward to playing with the 20,000 volts that these monitors put out.

DB Engineering Is Stretching Its Legs!

The DB Engineering Program is moving to the much larger Room 201. Students will now have a lot more space to do their projects and access their materials. As you can tell from the photo its going to be a work in progress but its going to be well worth it in the end when we get settled.

Class of 2016 DB Engineering Graduates

We are proud to announce the following Class of 2016 graduates of the DB Engineering Program

4 Year Graduates (IED, POE, DE, EDD) Danica Prather, Sameer Sharma, Ryan Tse

3 Year Graduates (IED, POE, DE) Samuel Chiang, Patrick Colina, Michael Juan, Farhan Khan, Jonathan Ng, Jeremy Wang, Kenji Yoshimoto, Jin Wu

Personal Project - Street Fighter Bartop

Here's what I've been working on lately. This is an arcade bartop that plays every version of Street Fighter out there (from Street Fighter I to V) for my brother's birthday gift.

Click here to see the build log

If you have personal projects you want highlighted here, send me pictures or a link to your build log.

What is DB Engineering?

Diamond Bar Engineering is a strand of the Brahma Tech Academy and a curriculum partner of the nationally renowned Project Lead the Way.

Click here to download an informative flyer regarding the DB Engineering Pathway

DB Engineering Promotional Videos

Check out our videos for each class:

  • Digital Electronics
  • Principles of Engineering
  • Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Introduction to Robotics

  • Be A Maker!

    Here are some of Mr Hwang's other personal projects:

  • Ikeakade Build Diary
  • Pacman Arcade Bartop
  • DIY Photobooth
  • Garage Door Server
  • Show me your projects and I'll post them here!